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Project (ODC) Cargo

We are Warranty Surveyors to various Insurers & Re - Insurers for large Projects. We also offer Technical & Engineering Consultancy services for Clients for their ODC cargo movement by conducting Route Surveys, Suitability of ships, barges & tugs. Loading, Securing & discharging of cargoes by way of Roll ON Roll OFF, Load ON Load OFF & Float ON Float Off methods.
Temporary jetty constructions, Lashing and Securing of Cargoes using Annex 13 calculations and other services with respect to road movement on Hydraulic Modular Axle trailers etc.

P & I Services

We offer our technical competency services for various Clubs in Loss Minimization Surveys in commodity cargoes, Condition Surveys, Cargo Damage Surveys, Jetty Damage and Port Facilities damage & Ship's Crew related issues.

Shipbuilding & Ship repairs

Commissioning crew for New Builds to shipyards. Conduct sea trials as per yard and class requirements. Plan approvals to ship owners. Advise suitable equipment and procure the same as per ship-owners / Yard requirement. Advisory service to ship-owners in finding suitable yards in India based on their new build or repair requirements. Conceptualize and prepare vessel drawings as per clients requirements.

Marine Claims

We provide Marine Insurance Claim Consultancy for large marine claims.

Other Specific Services

We offer Specific Services rendered by our Core Marine Surveyors Group services as required in:
  • Pre-entry as well as Periodical Surveys for Flag State, P&I, Hull & Machinery Clients.
  • Pre-purchase Condition Surveys.
  • Risk Analysis Surveys at the request of Banks and or Underwriters.
  • Expert Marine Investigations and casualty surveys - Collision, Grounding, Pollution, Personnel.
  • On Hire / Off Hire Surveys.
  • Machinery & Bunker related Disputes.
  • Warranty & Towage Surveys.
  • Hull Valuation Surveys on behalf of various clients.
  • Project Cargo Warranty Surveys.
  • Monsoon Fitness Certifications for vessels.
  • Loss Investigations & Root Cause Analysis involving Liquid and large ODC cargoes.